Combine bags with clothes

Matching any bag to an outfit can often seem complicated but just follow a few rules to match handcrafted leather bags to clothes with taste. First of all, it is better to have fewer versatile bags but of quality than a wardrobe full of cheap pieces.

Choose handcrafted bags, capable of combining tradition and innovation, style and quality in materials and details. Often handcrafted, leather bags can give that extra touch to an evening and day-time outfit, unique pieces that enhance the personality with a truly unique mix and matching style. Choose accessories that complement your way of being. Look for something that belongs to your style. Be sure that the new purchase is perfectly linked to your outfits, and avoid the risk of buying something that you would seldom use.

In this regard, we will see some significant rules to guide you in the best way to match the bag to the clothes! What's your style? Casual, elegant, classic, urban, vintage, glam…? When you buy a Made in Italy leather bag and then choose it based on what you usually wear, you will avoid not only bizarre combinations but also wasting money. Another aspect to consider while buying a new bag is the colour and pattern of the clothes in your closet. Ask yourself: Are they plain or do different types of prints or patterns prevail? For the third and last point, we are dealing with colour. Here, too, always keep in mind your wardrobe and the colours you are most fond of. If you are a lover of neutral colours, approach it with a bag of a bright colour or vice versa, if you are attracted by coloured clothes, opt for a bag with basic colours such as brown and black, try to create a balance between the colours, so that they complement each other. In fact, the bag must adapt well to the colour of the clothes we wear: this does not necessarily mean that it must be tone-on-tone or in the same colour as the clothes but it is possible to find interesting combinations by mixing the colours to enhance our outfit. Once upon a time, a classic rule was to combine accessories as much as possible to recall them.

For some time now, stylists have abandoned this dictate. Fashion evolves and today bags and shoes can also be paired with combinations of different colours, but still with taste. You can dare with colours to liven up the outfit by choosing shades that are complementary to each other. The leather bag in natural leather is a real passepartout because it can be worn with extreme ease with the most varied looks. It is perfect with total black as well as for blue or grey clothing in different shades and obviously also lends itself very well to browns in all shades. But it also looks good with red and purple garments, or whites and jeans. The same goes for bags in natural colours, such as beige or various shades of brown. A bright-coloured bag is ideal for minimalist and casual clothing with neutral colours because it will give that touch of joy; it is perfect for example with jeans but will also revive an outfit mainly black or blue. Bags in light colours go well with coloured or dark garments, It is unthinkable not to have a black leather bag, the one that never goes wrong and that when you are unsure about which one to match your look will save you on every occasion. In fact, it is recommended in almost all colours for its great versatility. The blue bag is only apparently more difficult to carry because it makes clothing with red, green, and fuchsia precious and will also enhance beige and jeans.

One last tip on fancy or multicolour leather bags, much loved for the joy they inevitably bring with them so much that they are worn all year round, not just in summer. The only rule to follow is that they have in their colours at least one of those present in the clothes and that's it. A patterned bag can be combined with any outfit, the important thing is that at least one item of clothing is recalled in the bag. It can be good in summer but also in winter: it gives a touch of colour and especially cheers up ant monochromatic styles. If, on the other hand, you wear a total look (all black or all white) then you can break with a metallic leather bag, shimmering, that breaks the monotony and attracts attention.