How to take Care, Clean and Preserve Leather Handbags

Taking care of your leather bags is the secret to making them last longer and loving them for a lifetime, so probably you need to read below if you want to know more on how to clean a leather bag and care for it properly.

The leather with which we make our handbags is of excellent quality, the leathers are of first choice, natural and tanned according to artisan techniques. This makes them unique, durable and even more beautiful over time. The materials are resistant but still need care so that the product can be well maintained over time.

Each handmade leather bag must be cared for and cleaned correctly. 

First of all, keep it away from direct light, heat and rain, if it gets very wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth and let it dry in a warm and dry place. 

Always store your leather bag stuffed and upright so that it can maintain its original shape without getting creases and store it inside its dust bag protected from dust, and preferably in a dark and dry place.

If you want to revive your handmade bag, clean it first with a soft and dry cloth or with specific products such as a good quality neutral cream, but before using any product, do a test in a little hidden area. 

In case you need to remove a stain, remove the dust and surface dirt with a damp cloth, wait 5 minutes so that it dries, with a soft and clean cloth take a small amount of polishing cream and good quality nutrients and rub it on the bag to remove the stains and nourish the leather (always do a test first).

This way you will preserve your bag over time preserving all its unique qualities.