Passion is first and foremost. Then comes experience. And lastly, the determination to grow and to express a style free from preconceptions in one's own line. This is Cristian Marcucci.

He trained in the Tuscan hills, working for the big brands, becoming a collaborator and consultant for the leading names in the leather goods sector. His career path was a succession of gambles and successes. He began at the workbench and flourished within Celine, passing from model maker to Responsible for model making reaching Industrialisation Manager.

He then became a technical consultant for luxury brands, but instinct and style sought a form of freedom that found its space in the creation of quality products, in designs with essential and light lines, combinations of colours and refined materials. His personal line where creativity and technique are expressed through every detail.

The value of craftsmanship blends with modernity. The territorial bond does the rest: love for the land translates into concreteness, the importance of history takes shape in the quality of the materials, the beauty of the landscape is found in the balance of forms.

Cristian is an artisan serving fashion, capable of giving life to iconic and functional bags, unique but easy to wear.

A collection of timeless bags is born, free from seasonality, designed to last and adapt to any season. The answer to todays’ woman: free, versatile, creative, unique.

Experience and passion. Each bag contains the essence of CM

Cristian's story today is a book.

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