For every day, for every you

Gemma is freedom, geometries in balance, versatility.
Style and practicality merge in her depths, reflecting the woman of today, designed for everyday and occasion, to participate in its history and capturing is a tribute to friendship, to long-lasting relationships, to lives that are transformed while remaining anchored to deep values, to the beauty that grows and blooms...

Discover it in all its variations...


Refined, elegant, practical and spacious, with a strong shape that does not go unnoticed. Roomy but light, this tote is suitable for any occasion.

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Gemma L

Gemma M


Extraordinary colour combinations, balanced shapes topped by an exquisite closure make this elegant flap bag unique in its kind.

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Elegant and refined, the little one in Gemma's house is a concentrate of style.

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Gemma S

Gemma XL


Really spacious yet chic, perfect for carrying everything with style.

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